Pool Opening and Diagnosing Problems..

Posted by Brad Morris on March 5, 2015 at 12:35 PM

It is time to start thinking about getting that pool opened for the upcoming summer.

If you purchased a new home and are a new pool owner and are unsure if your pool was correctly winterized,  it is best to have a pool diagnosis done to ensure you have no broken line issues. Having a pool diagnosis done can give you details of what you will need to do and what you will need to replace. You have a variety of things to look at such as your pool pump, sand filter and liner. If any of these need to be replaced it is good to know this so you can schedule the work to be done at the time you are having your pool opened. This can save you time, money and aggrivation. Go to our product page to order your pool diagnostic today!

Keep your summer headache free by scheduling your pool diagnosis early and then get your opening on the schedule to have a worry free and fun in the sun summer.

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