Posted by Brad Morris on March 27, 2013 at 10:15 PM

HOT Tips for a “ COOL “POOL!!

 1. Pool Maintenance equals - Circulation, Filtration, Cleaning, Testing and

Chemistry – that equal a stellar pool season.


 2.Stay Healthy – Try a 20 minute workout in the pool everyday to decrease the risk of disease!


 3.Landscape- A bit of backyard greenery can be both pretty and functional.


 4.Help with mildew- . If mildew spots appear on outside chairs and tables, wash the fabric according to manufacturer directions and dry in the sun.Then mix together equal parts lemon juice and salt; spread on thestain. Dry in the sun again and rinse thoroughly.


 5.Organize- simple storage rules for keeping backyard clutter to a minimum: air out wet things by storing them in big mesh bags or open-weave crates; toss all the little bits –sunscreen, dive toys – into a clear plastic shoe organizer hung on the fence.


 6.Save- In order to be more environmentally friendly, make sure to always keep pool chemicals properly balanced. We find that overworked filters and motors waste energy and hike utility bills.


 7. Ambience - Place flameless LED candles around the edge of the spa. Taketunes into the spa with a floating speaker that connects wirelessly to an MP3player. Add a soothing scent to the water with single-use aromatherapy packs.


Hopefully this all will add to your most memorable year of happy moments by the pool!!

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