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Acu-Trol AK110 Complete

$4,500.00 $4,600.00

The most highly advanced single-pool controller in the industry! With its connection options the AK110™ controller provides unsurpassed water management to any aquatic facility operator, fulfilling all requirements of the facilities pool, spa or other water features. Programmable features complete the AK110™ package for continuous monitoring of pH, ORP, disinfectant levels, temperature and flow rate. The bidirectional control of the AK110™ allows water chemistry changes to be made immediately from a computer anywhere in the world.



Monitors one body of water

3rd relay can be used to automate second sanitizer

pH, ORP, temperature and safety flow switch standard

Programmable pH, ORP and temperature set points

Programmable chemical feed cycle ON and OFF (MIX) times

Programmable proportional feed

Programmable acid, base or CO2 feed for pH control

Relay configuration shortcuts with Acu-Trol® Controller Wizards

Flow cell with built-in flow switch, shut-off valves,inlet strainer and sampling port

Records up to 30 days of sensor data internally in 1 or 2 hour recording intervals

Options for 110 Controller

Item No



12 18 03

Modem, includes software


12 18 04

RS232 communications port, includes software


(works up to 300 feet)

12 18 05

Real time clock (for data logging)


12 18 11

Replacement Input PCB


12 18 06

AP1000 Serial (RS232 Port) to internet


(software incl.)

12 18 07

AP1100 Serial port to WiFi or internet



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